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Monday, July 20, 2009

Beng Hock death : Politicize & immoral publicity by Oppositions

Teoh Beng Hock death was made BIG issue by opposition to criticize and blame the government. Latest, DAP Secretary General said that DAP will take action against the MACC.

Oppositions are manipulating the issue of the death of their own bud. 1MALAYSIA hope that the Police investigation completed soon and clear MACC from being politically accused.

Beng Hock body was found hours after he was allowed to go home by MACC. Why is MACC being continuously and unfairly pressured?

Being a political secretary to a Selangor Exco, responsibilities are mounting and at the same time you are mandated to hide many classified and highly top secrets deal made by the Selangor State Government.

In this case, Beng Hock was summoned as a witness by MACC. He is in the dilemma which is hiding the fact/truth that can cause him been indicted or tell the truth, but will result in 'his boss' (Selangor Exco) arrested and indicted if there is proof to proceed.

Oppositions are trying to divert issues and the views of the people. From them (Selangor Exco) being investigated for misuse of State Government Funds, they are now immorally making the death of their own buddy as a political issue.

To some people, such case only occur and be seen in Hindi Movies. In order to save one interest, the individual is able to push things that do not make sense (such as murder) to save oneself and it political interests.

We advise that all parties not to make any statement. Cabinet are also meeting on Wednesday to determine the need for Royal Commission to investigate the death of Beng Hock.

Blaming MACC is just a scapegoat by the oppositions. MACC is just carrying out the so-called normal procedure to record statements from witnesses. It is never before that MACC being accused of such incident. It is premature to comment.

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  1. some politicians are so mean. Indians especially but I heard that Malaysia is now facing the same chronicle dilemma. Desperate oppositions are sometimes too much in order to achieve their personal satisfactions.
    Hope that the culprit be soon recovered.


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