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Friday, August 21, 2009

Wong, with 3 lawyers in tow, quizzed

PUTRAJAYA: The driver could have dropped him at the entrance of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission headquarters yesterday but Wong Chuan How walked, aided by a walker, from the parking lot located quite a distance away from the building.

The special assistant to Selangor executive councillor Ronnie Liu was there to give his statement on a probe into alleged misuse of development funds for Sungai Pelek.

He seemed to be in "pain" when he arrived at 8.45am. He was accompanied by three lawyers -- John Fernandez, Amir Khusyairi Mohamad Tanusi and Cha Kee Chin.

Wong and his lawyers were spotted stopping a few times, with press photographers having a whale of time, snapping their pictures.

Wong Chuan How (centre) walking to the MACC headquarters yesterday, accompanied by his lawyers.
Wong Chuan How (centre) walking to the MACC headquarters yesterday, accompanied by his lawyers.

A MACC officer said Wong should have just asked whoever who drove him there to drop him right at the entrance.

"We do not know why he chose to walk when he seemed to be in pain. All visitors to MACC can always be dropped off right at the entrance. There is no problem, particularly those who are sick like him.

"Even our security officers were puzzled as to why he chose to walk, knowing it would be painful," the officer added.

Fernandez said Wong would cooperate with the MACC.

"We are here to represent him and to make sure that whatever is needed by MACC officers from him can be made available."

On Friday, Wong, 50, lodged a police report, stating that he had injuries to his leg after a scuffle with MACC officers.

They were alleged to have pushed him to the ground while trying to arrest him.

A senior MACC officer, meanwhile, said Wong's lawyers were allowed to accompany him when officers took down a cautioned statement from him.

The officer said exemption was accorded for special cases.

"In his case, he is unwell and we allowed the lawyers to be with him to assist him."

The officer also said it was likely that Wong, who is a prime suspect in the case, would be remanded today.

"The investigating officer will have to complete Wong's cautioned statement first before applying for a remand order to place him under our custody." - NST.

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